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IAP 300: Our 300th Episode!

• 68 min

8 years in the making, our 300th Episode is an uncut dive into the past, present, and future of our show, and the real-life friends behind it. We're catching up and sharing stories from our times together beyond the podcast, giving you a glimpse "behind the green-white-and-red", and letting the tangents do the talking as we discuss everything from Rossella's upcoming celebration- the Inaugural "PaesanPalooza"- to some of the more pronounced differences between our hosts! There'll be laughing, shouting, gossiping, and guidance...but most of all a whole lotta love. If after 299 episodes, you feel like you're one of the pals at the table too, then 300 is one you won't want to miss! --- Support this podcast:

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