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IAP298: Cars, Culture, and Camaraderie at “Casa”- A Visit to the Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere

• 67 min

We’re keeping the Italian American Heritage Month party going with a visit to one of our favorite Italian American hangouts, a place that lives up to its cozy name, Staten Island, NY’s stunning Italian Cultural Center at Casa Belvedere. The “House with the Beautiful View” was the brainchild of our friend Gina Biancardi, an Italian American with an incomparable passion for our culture and an indefatigable drive to bring the best of Italian American life to as many people as possible.  We’re visiting with Gina and Jimmy Paone (the calming ballast in Gina’s journey through the uncharted waters of bringing this monumental project to life) as they celebrate Casa’s annual Fall Festa & “Motori D'Italia” Luxury Car show.   As we join the thousands of visitors descending on Casa Belvedere on this beautiful October weekend, we’re exploring the incredible family stories of this tireless couple, the story of Gina’s vision for this unique institution, and the varied events and programs that Casa Belvedere brings to Italian Americans on Staten Island and beyond. It’s an episode that brings you everything from luxury Italian vehicles, to the finer points of tomato jarring, and from the coolest member’s only experience on Staten Island to a personal blessing by Padre Pio himself! Join in the incredible passion and Italian American pride, being shared amongst the four paesani catching up with a beautiful view in front of them and a lot of shared love behind their gathering.   It’s the spirit of Italian American Heritage Month, “Live and Uncut”, with laughs and love from the starting gate till the finish line! --- Support this podcast:

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