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Long Bull Call Spread Trader Made 2 Million Dollars

• 41 min

In this episode, Henry Moldavskiy shares his experience of using bull call spreads and other strategies during the remarkable growth of his portfolio in 2020. He emphasized the importance of taking calculated risks and diversifying your portfolio when necessary to adapt to changing market conditions.  Henry's journey from a 100K account to a multi-million dollar portfolio serves as an inspiration for traders looking to achieve financial success through options trading. Henry's transparent approach on his YouTube channel and his commitment to educating others on options trading demonstrates the power of authenticity in the world of trading. He encourages traders to focus on gaining knowledge and experience and emphasizes the importance of both profits and losses in the learning process. His story is a testament to the potential for success in trading when approached with dedication and a genuine desire to help others. Bull Call Spread Strategy: A bull call spread involves buying a call option and selling another call option simultaneously to offset the cost and limit potential losses.Henry recommends bull call spreads as a go-to strategy because they offer a structured approach with limited risk.He suggests starting with slightly out-of-the-money call options, for example, buying a $100 call option when the stock is at $90, and then selling a $105 call option.The cost of the strategy is reduced because of the premium received from selling the second call option.The maximum profit occurs if the stock reaches the strike price of the short call option (e.g., $105). Connect With Henry Moldavskiy  Website: Grab your copy of the Complete Trading System This book teaches you how to build a trading system from the ground up and how to become profitable in the markets. Support the showConnect with Casey: Website: YouTube: YouTube: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Global Prop Trader: Email:

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