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How To Trade It: Trader Insight from Profitable Traders

Casey Stubbs



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Optimizing Success: A Dive into Adaptive Trading Strategies

• 38 min

In this conversation on today's episode of How To Trade It, Casey and Kyle discuss various aspects of trading, including the influence of Nicholas Darvas' book, avoiding shiny object syndrome, and focusing on execution. They also share their biggest lessons learned and provide insights into their trading journeys. You don’t want to miss it! Key Takeaways The importance of self-discovery and understanding your own tendencies and biases in tradingThe significance of building good trading habits and prioritizing relationships and life balanceThe value of learning from mistakes and celebrating wins in tradingThe need for back testing and sticking to your edge in order to achieve consistent trading successPeople & Resources Mentioned Phil Muscatello - Shares for Beginners podcastHow To Trade It - Phil Muscatello episodeNicholas Darvis' How I Made $2 Million in the Stock MarketSimon Severino - business coachEric Smolinski from esInvestsConnect with Kyle Hedman Podcast:  Band of TradersYouTube:  Twitter:  tea Grab your copy of the Complete Trading System This book teaches you how to build a trading system from the ground up and how to become profitable in the markets. Support the showConnect with Casey: Website: YouTube: YouTube: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Global Prop Trader: Email:

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