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64 Consecutive Wins: Jeffry Turnmire Unveils His Winning Strategy

• 51 min

Jeffry Turnmire is not your typical “expert.” He didn’t get his training on Wall Street, and he’s never managed a hedge fund. He’s a normal guy from Knoxville, TN — a professional engineer and urban farmer (among many other hobbies).  Jeffry has spent over two decades honing his real money trading skills, ever since he started paper trading in elementary school (we’re serious). He opened a real-money account as soon as he could and has been learning and growing as a trader ever since. You don't want to miss this episode!  Show highlights include... Urban Farming and TradingProfitability in Farming and Trading The Impact of OptionsThe Value of Seat Time Algorithmic TradingJeffry Turnmire's Transition into Trading Unconventional Strategy Frequency of Trading Jeffry Turnmire in Action Jeffry specializes in identifying straightforward techniques and building strategies no one else has discovered yet. His trademark system, Echo Trades, helped him grow his family’s accounts to $1.4 million during the crash of 2020, and also caught the eye of famous traders, who asked him to bring his system to the public. Since then, he’s been helping thousands of traders learn his direct, no-nonsense approach to trading, wisdom that he picked up on Main Street, not Wall Street. Connect with Jeffry Turnmire YouTube:  Website: Grab your copy of the Complete Trading System This book teaches you how to build a trading system from the ground up and how to become profitable in the markets. Support the showConnect with Casey: Website: YouTube: YouTube: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Global Prop Trader: Email:

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