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Kasey Ingram is Helping Everyday People Find Financial Freedom, Ep#145

• 35 min

Kasey Ingram was an unusual kid, who never gave the “I want to be a police officer or firefighter, when I grow up” answer.  Instead, Kasey wanted to be a stockbroker. Even as a young child, he preferred to look at stock graphs in the newspaper, over the cartoon section. Kasey opened an IRA account through his bank, at the age of 15 or so, but was shocked at the $5 trading fees, when he had very little to invest in the first place. Eventually, the Robinhood app became available, and access to free trades caused a huge shift.  He used the proceeds from trading stocks to fund his first real estate purchase of a 3 bed, 2 bath home in Portland, Oregon, at the age of 22.  Kasey rented out two of the rooms to help cover the mortgage. He then bought his second house, only 11 months later, and rented out two or three rooms again, while renting the first home completely.  In this episode of How To Trade It, Kasey and Casey discuss practical and simple principles that will bring financial freedom within reach.  You don’t want to miss it! Subscribe to How To Trade It You’ll want to listen to this episode, if you are interested in...  [01:17] Learning to be responsible[07:11] Making trading an investment instead of a job[15:47] Investing in yourself[22:45] Pleasure vs. delayed gratification[27:56] Pursuing a mentorThe Cashflow Quadrant If you are interested in achieving financial freedom, The CASHFLOW Quadrant is a must-read.  The simple graphic upon which this book is based, represents four different methods of revenue generation.  Each of these different methods comes with its own unique technical skill set, educational path, and personality for which it is best suited.   Consistency & discipline If you want financial freedom and to live as a financially responsible adult, you must embrace the ideas of consistency and discipline.  If you don’t, the result is irresponsible spending, debt, and poor financial practices that can quickly spiral out of control.  It won’t matter, if you make a million dollars, if you don’t have the discipline to spend that money wisely.    Resources & People Mentioned  Grab your copy of the Complete Trading System This book teaches you how to build a trading system from the ground up and how to become profitable in the markets. Support the showConnect with Casey: Website: YouTube: YouTube: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Global Prop Trader: Email:

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