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Preventing "Slippage" with Eddie Z's EZ Trading Computers, Ep #141

• 45 min

Eddie Z is a full-time day trader and total computer geek. As you may already know, the link between advances in technology and Wall Street is pretty amazing. In fact, many innovations over the last years were created for the necessity of knowing price information and processing transactions. Eddie is the creator and CEO of EZ Trading Computers which he started after realizing the ridiculous amount some computer builders were charging for trading technology.  What started off as a lifelong hobby and passion for computers, has now turned into a mission. In this episode of How To Trade It, Eddie Z and Casey discuss the importance of optimizing your trading computer specifications, so that you don’t lose out on trade opportunities. You don’t want to miss it! Subscribe to How To Trade It You’ll want to hear this episode, if you are interested in… [13:13] ‘Delays” can cost a fortune[17:35] The benchmark[21:02] “Slippage”[40:26] Buyers Guide!Big Tech Trading Mistakes The single biggest mistake that traders are making when it comes to technology is not understanding how much data is actually coming through their internet connection. If you are running any of the other major trading platforms, along with a handful of symbols, you have tons of streaming data coming in when the markets open.  If your computer isn’t up to speed, it can’t keep up, the information gets bottlenecked and will cause a slight delay.  That fraction of a second delay, however, can end up costing you big time.  Delays, delays Even small delays can throw off your trading methodology, especially if you are doing any kind of program trading. If you continually get a different price than you think you are buying at because of timing delays, you are going to get triggered. Your fight or flight response kicks in and you get mad. We all know that those negative emotions lead to things like revenge trading and other stupid decisions which will never work in your favor. Processors matter The processor is the “engine” of your computer. It’s the driving force. As a trader, you really need a muscle car engine to take care of the waterfall of data coming in through your broadband. Loading all of those charts takes power. And, each indicator is essentially a little computer program algorithm running on every symbol, possibly at multiple time frames. Your computer is busy, and it needs the processing power to keep up with the demands of trading.          Resources & People Mentioned The Complete Guide to Trading ComputersDiscover your computer’s The Physician Syndicate: Angel Investing | Venture Capital | Startups | Personal FinanceThe Physician Syndicate Podcast: A podcast for physicians to jump into the startup world. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify Support the showConnect with Casey: LinkedIn: Twitter: Email:

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