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Gaining an Edge by Finding “Scarce Information” is Guy Cohen’s Secret to Success, Ep #137

• 46 min

Guy Cohen is the creator and originator of the unique OVI (Options Volatility Indicator) and the founder and CEO of the WiseTraders platform. Every single day, tens of millions of dollars-worth of stocks and options are being traded by professional money managers and home-based traders, using Guy Cohen’s OVI systems. Specializing in stocks and options, Guy is passionate about unlocking the power of “scarce information”, and his mission is to help others achieve similar success trading the US stock market. His expertise originates from an MBA in Finance at Cass Business School in the heart of London’s financial district, but his unique appeal is his ability to communicate proven concepts, empowering you to trade them yourself.  In this episode of How To Trade It, Guy talks about learning to be discerning, so you can maximize the probability of making huge gains. You don’t want to miss it! Subscribe to How To Trade It Episode Sponsor: A new type of trading with Kalshi. Check it out to get started today. You’ll want to hear this episode, if you are interested in… [05:41] Big discoveries[09:55] Momentum[12:20] Three things to look for on a chart[18:15] OVI[24:20] Managing risk with deep-in-the-money calls[32:52] Better than the next big thing[37:05] Smart leverageEasy to understand Guy started trading stocks because of their simplicity. You have a unit in a company…if that company performs better than expectations, the shares are going to go up, and if the company performs less than expectations, the shares will go down. So, from an intuitive point of view, that’s basic information that is easy for anyone to understand.  Managing risk Whether you are trading stocks or deep-in-the-money calls, your risk management is basically the same. You should use your established trading plan, with tight stops, a set-up based on the Big Money Footprints, and consider the current market conditions.  When the market is choppy, it’s wise to not be as busy as when the markets are smooth. Learning to be discerning is a critical part to achieving success.    Resources & People Mentioned  Grab your copy of the Complete Trading System This book teaches you how to build a trading system from the ground up and how to become profitable in the markets. Support the showConnect with Casey: Website: YouTube: YouTube: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Global Prop Trader: Email:

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