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The Most Important Question in the Investing World

• 38 min

Answer this one question and you won’t have money concerns for the rest of your life. The Dow Jones once fell so hard that it didn’t recover for 25 years Japan’s NIKKEI peaked in 1989 and still has not recovered. I discuss the differences between an economic recession and depression. During the 2008 housing crisis, national housing values only fell 19%.  Originally, 401(k)s were called “Salary Reduction Plans”. They had to scrap the name to foster participation. Some investing questions are: How do I max out my 401(k)? How can I attend my dream college? How can I become a millionaire? After building context, I reveal the most important question in the investing world. Learn how to keep emotions separate from investing. The vital question is: “Will this property secure an income stream?” Resources mentioned: Show Notes: National Median Home Prices: Get mortgage loans for investment property: or call 855-74-RIDGE  or e-mail: Analyze your RE portfolio at (use code “GRE” for 10% off):  Memphis property that cash flows from Day 1: I’d be grateful if you search “how to leave an Apple Podcasts review” and do this for the show. Top Properties & Providers: Best Financial Education: Get our wealth-building newsletter free—text ‘GRE’ to 66866 Our YouTube Channel: Follow us on Instagram: @getricheducation Keith’s personal Instagram: @keithweinhold   Full transcript:   Welcome to GRE! I’m your host, Keith Weinhold. Happy New Year! What is the most important question in the entire investing world? It is a vital one - and this coming year makes it as relevant as ever.    Asking yourself this question & answering it can make you wealthy - and you’ve probably never even heard this question before. That & loads of financial education, today on Get Rich Education! _____________   Welcome to GRE! From Lake Champlain, NY to Lake Charles, Louisiana and across 188 nations worldwide, you’re listening to one of America’s longest-running and most listened-to investing shows.   I’m your host. My name’s Keith Weinhold. I’m grateful to be here myself. Thank you FOR being here… and you aren’t here for me. You’re here for you… so let’s build your wealth today.   What’s the most important, vital, essential, and almost MANDATORY question in the investing world today?   While you’re thinking about that, let me build some context so that it makes sense.   Now, why don’t we discuss stocks more on the show here?    When most people hear the word “investing”, they might think of stocks first. Their mind might shoot there immediately.   When someone refers to the market, they just simply say, “the market”, they typically mean the stock market, like the DJIA or the S&P 500.   Look, with persistently higher interest rates, it’s likely that economic headwinds are still coming.   Now, what if things got worse than a recession and we entered a depression? I’m not saying that it’s likely, but let’s look at what CAN happen because this actually HAS happened.   What can happen in a depression?! The stock market falls  and doesn’t recover for 25 years. That’s not a guess. That really happened in the United States!   Yes, the DJIA peaked in 1929.  The market crash hit. These were the times of “The Great Depression”.    Stocks lost nearly 90% of their value. Yes, 90%. That means that after a loss like that, stocks would have to rebound 9X, 900% just to get back to even.   Well, I told you that the US stock market crashed in 1929. The Dow didn't fully recover until late 1954. Yes, 1929 to 1954. That is fully 25 years… just to get back to even.   25 years of

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