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Why High Salaries DON'T Create Wealth, Why Western US Homes Cost More than Eastern US Homes

• 36 min

No one gets wealthy from a high salary. Wealth is acquired by owning things. But how can you own MANY things without much money? I discuss it. Learn how to use major banks (Chase, Wells Fargo) to fuel your wealth and retirement when you’re young.  Debt is like fire. Kids will burn down the house with fire. Adults will use fire (debt) to produce prudent leverage and outsized returns.  High salaries don’t create wealth due to: lost time, no leverage, few tax benefits, and entrapment due to sunk education costs. I sat down with a conventional financial advisor. Things got interesting.  Learn why Western US homes cost more than Eastern US homes. This fact confounds most real estate pros. I break down 8 reasons. Resources mentioned:  Show Page: For access to properties or free help with a GRE Investment Coach, start here: Get mortgage loans for investment property: or call 855-74-RIDGE  or e-mail: Invest with Freedom Family Investments.  You get paid first: Text FAMILY to 66866 For advertising inquiries, visit: Will you please leave a review for the show? I’d be grateful. Search “how to leave an Apple Podcasts review”  Top Properties & Providers: GRE Free Investment Coaching: Best Financial Education: Get our wealth-building newsletter free— text ‘GRE’ to 66866 Our YouTube Channel: Follow us on Instagram: @getricheducation Keith’s personal Instagram: @keithweinhold   Complete episode transcript: Welcome to GRE! I’m your host, Keith Weinhold. Don’t make this giant wealth mistake - understand why a high salary does NOT create wealth. Learn what does instead.  See how to get deep pocketed-banks like Chase & Wells Fargo build wealth for YOU.  I recently sat down with a traditional financial advisor - this got interesting. Then, why do WESTERN US homes cost more than EASTERN us homes? All today, on Get Rich Education.   Welcome to GRE! From Port Jervis, NJ to the Port of Bellingham, WA and across 188 nations worldwide, I’m Keith Weinhold and you’re listening to Get Rich Education. Welcome in!   When I grew up, I thought that people got wealthy from high salaries. I figured that I could get wealthy if I got a high salary too.   And then adulthood has proven to me that… they don’t.    People don’t get wealthy from high salaries. They get wealthy by OWNING THINGS.   Let’s break this down.    People DON’T get wealthy from high salaries.    In fact, have you ever seen THIS happen? I haven’t. I worked as an employee in both the public sector and the private sector, and I’ve been a longtime real estate investor and entrepreneur.    In fact, how would anyone even GET wealthy from a high salary?   If you’ve got a job… you’re trading your time for dollars and selling your time for money.    I used to do that too… and I actually think that everyone might get some perspective by having a taste of that. Most get that taste.   And say you’re even entrenched in the game of climbing the corporate ladder, to a higher and higher salary.   Well, first, in my experience, many job promotions get you perhaps 10 to 30% more in salary, but 2x to 4x the responsibility - that’s 200% to 400% more responsibility.     Even if there’s an edge case here, in your situation, in climbing the corporate ladder - where does that even get you in the end?   Look at your supervisor and their lifestyle. Is that what you want to be?   Look up higher at your supervisor’s supervisor. What’s their life like? Is that the life that you REALLY want?    Is that what you aspire to be - and expend so much of your most precious resources to get THERE - time, time away from your family, energy, skill, potential.

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