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A Convert's Journey to Fixing Bad Catholic Music

• 49 min

It has been used for centuries to elevate and to glorify the Mass, memorize Scripture, and harnessed as a weapon against Satan. Although we see little evidence of this in the modern context, men must understand that music has been given pride of place in the Divine Liturgy. Today, Sam and John are joined by a composer, convert, and man of wisdom, Paul Jernberg, who is working to correct bad Church music and restore the glory of music once again. Magnificat Institute - Listen to Paul's Great Music - Connect with Paul - Paul's Mass - 🔴 The Catholic Gentleman On Patreon Join the movement of The Catholic Gentleman by supporting us and getting incredible gifts as a thank you for your support: Paul Jernberg was born in Chicago in 1953. Having studied piano from an early age, he pursued a career as a piano soloist and accompanist which began in the Midwest and continued in Sweden, where he lived and worked from 1983 to 1993. While in Europe, his musical work expanded to include composition and choral directing. After his reception into the Catholic Church in 1992, and his return to the US in 1993, his career was devoted to teaching, conducting, and composing at the service of Catholic schools and parishes in Illinois and Massachusetts. Since 2017 he has continued this three-fold work as founding director of the Magnificat Institute of Sacred Music, a non-profit organization now based in Lander, Wyoming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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