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3 Sure Signs That the Devil Owns You

• 60 min

Men can choose to live a mediocre life. We see this throughout our society, in our churches, and among our families and friends. The first step to changing this is waking up to the reality of this truth and becoming aware of how you are falling into the trap. Satan wants you to stay trapped in this state, and in today's episode, we discuss 3 signs that the devil has caught you. They are often subtle, but they are very prevalent in men's lives today. Stay tuned as we delve into these signs and provide practical steps on how to break free and lead a more fulfilling life. Let’s get started! We also get to answer a question from a mom who is concerned about her son's sexual addictions and wants to know how she can help. 🔴 🔴 MONTH OF MARY SPECIAL - FREE $120 Rosary for all Catholic Gentleman Plus Annual Memberships 🔴 Get this and watch the entire 1h 30mins of episode 159 here - (Today we go into the 3rd sign of Judgement and Critical Condemnation) Bring Devin to Your Parish or Diocese - or send us an email at ✅ If you have any questions that we can answer on the show, please, send your questions to us at If you record yourself on your phone and send us the audio clip we will play it on air. 12 Sessions Now Available - Weekly Extended Episodes - Monthly Guest Experts and More Help Support the Catholic Gentleman by either signing up for CG+ or Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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