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The Masculinity Crisis and How to Fix It

• 55 min

Today Sam and John are joined by a seasoned veteran who has been fighting against the downfall of true masculinity for many years, Matthew Christoff. In order to move to appropriate solutions, we first assess and diagnose the crisis of masculinity in the Catholic Church as well as society. After discussing the downfall over the years we go into effective and lasting solutions for men to make and implement today. Every Catholic Man Site - Every Catholic Man Podcast - Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance - 🔴 The Catholic Gentleman On Patreon Join the movement of The Catholic Gentleman by supporting us and getting incredible gifts as a thank you for your support: Matthew James Christoff is a Catholic convert and evangelist of Catholic men. Matthew is a co-founder of the Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance and, the founder of the New Evangelization Project and, and is featured in the Knights of Columbus Into the Breach Video Series. Matthew's professional career includes being a strategy consultant for Fortune 50 companies and a brand manager in a major consumer products company. Matthew has a Masters in Theology from the Augustine Institute, a Masters in Business and a Civil Engineering degree from Purdue University. Matthew is married to his childhood sweetheart, has four married adult children and grandchildren. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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