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#109 Destination: Vancouver! Rachelle Got 15 Agent Meetings and 12 Offers!

• 50 min

Have you ever had to sign an NDA or keep an acting gig hush-hush until it aired? Then you'll love this conversation with today's guest Rachelle Hay! Rachelle signed with new reps in Vancouver – after she scored 15 meetings & 12 offers – then she booked a drool-worthy can't-talk-about-it role on television! 🔥🔥  In this episode she tells us how she burned through limiting beliefs to attract the right reps... and then, how they teamed up to navigate a *legal* way to get loud with her most recent booking! 👈 this ultimately unlocked a path to build on her newfound momentum!) 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ I just know this episode will inspire you – whether you are seeking new representation or not.  Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Brian Breaks Character!   If you loved this episode, please subscribe and leave an honest review. Your review helps boost the show and gives us the chance to help more creatives get out of suffering for their art and into action. Be sure to leave your IG handle when you do so I can send a VIP episode to say thank you.   CONNECT WITH RACHELLE Instagram  Website   Subscribe To The Podcast   Watch The Uncut Behind-the-scenes Video Of This Episode On YouTube:   Need New Representation? Get In On This Free Training:   Follow Me On Instagram For A First-look At Our Guests And Upcoming Episodes!   Episode Transcript   

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