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#124 Breaking Down The Writers' Strike: A Candid Conversation with Golden Globe & Emmy Award-Winner Michael Sucsy, Creator & Director of HBO’s Grey Gardens

• 55 min

🎧 Grab your earbuds and brace yourself for a dose of inspiration amidst the Writers' Strike and the looming SAG-AFTRA Strike.  Today's guest Michael Sucsy takes us beyond the picket lines of The Writers' Strike, providing an inside look as a member of both the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Directors Guild of America (DGA). He opens up about what truly hangs in the balance during these negotiations. But that's not all — the game-changing influence of AI promises to reshape the landscape, and Michael offers insights into how it might shape the future of storytelling. 🤖🤖🤖 And for all you Grey Gardens fans out there (me! 🙋🏻‍♂️) you're in for a treat. Michael is the genius behind the HBO film –and you bet I get him to spill some juicy details about the experience. 👉 With Michael's personal insights you'll gain an exclusive perspective on the writers' strike and discover the brilliant possibilities that lie ahead for TV. 📺 Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Brian Breaks Character!   If you loved this episode, please subscribe and leave an honest review. Your review helps boost the show and gives us the chance to help more creatives get out of suffering for their art and into action. Be sure to leave your IG handle when you do so I can send a VIP episode to say thank you.   CONNECT WITH MICHAEL Instagram Twitter Website   WGA RESOURCES Social Media Toolkit Picket Schedules and Locations WGA STRIKE HUB Support Queer TV Creatives  Subscribe To The Podcast   Watch The Uncut Behind-the-scenes Video Of This Episode On YouTube:   Need New Representation? Get In On This Free Training:   Follow Me On Instagram For A First-look At Our Guests And Upcoming Episodes!   Episode Transcript  

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