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#98 Content Creation with Comic-Con Hosts Brooklyn Quarter

• 67 min

Today’s guests on the podcast are perfect for the holiday season. 🎁 Their generous natures and happy-couple-status screams wholesome holiday movie, but in a realistic-get-sh*t-done-&-make-an-impact-kinda way.  Danielle Beckmann & Timothy Reese are a husband and wife team who have used collaboration, kindness, and good ol’ fashioned manners to open doors, build a network, and start a production company. ← just my kinda peeps! They produce web series, films and they've got some pitches they're working on. Of course we go into all of that in today's episode. LISTEN FOR THESE TAKEAWAYS:👇👇👇 Honor gatekeepers to get into incredible festivals, events, & meetings 🎟 Connections led to a Tribeca Film Fest Official Selection ← how it happened! 🎞 Panel hosts at not one, BUT 2️⃣ Comic-Cons! 🦸🏻‍♀️🦹🏻‍♀️  How to build collaborative creative teams that keep coming back! 👯‍♀️ Raise money to fund your own projects💰…without losing friends or feeling slimy How live events & sponsors open doors to funding 💸💸💸 Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Brian Breaks Character! If you loved this episode, please subscribe and leave an honest review. Your review helps boost the show and gives us the chance to help more creatives get out of suffering for their art and into action. Be sure to leave your IG handle when you do so I can send a VIP episode to say thank you.   CONNECT WITH BROOKLYN QUARTER   DANIELLE Instagram Website   TIMOTHY Instagram Website   Watch Novel Chronicles   Watch the Comic-Con Panel   Subscribe To The Podcast   Watch The Uncut Behind-the-scenes Video Of This Episode On YouTube:   Need New Representation? Get In On This Free Training:   Follow Me On Instagram For A First-look At Our Guests And Upcoming Episodes!   Episode Transcript 

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