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#85 Book the Job with Alyshia Ochse & Anna LaMadrid of The New Triple Threat

• 32 min

This will be the last episode in our series this month devoted to getting you more auditions and this one is a doozy because I have 2 very special guests, Alyshia Ochse (That One Audition) and Anna LaMadrid (Put Me On Self-Tape). These two powerhouses are the co-founders of The New Triple Threat - the FIRST online holistic actor training membership program. A program designed to help you with the 3 big pillars of an acting career - Craft, Tech and the Business.  They came in as guest teachers to my program Actor Operating System, a group coaching program where I help actors set up a system to support their careers and hold themselves accountable. By bringing in experts like this I'm always trying to expand the skills and the minds of my clients and let me tell you, Anna and Alyshia showed up. No matter where you are in your relationship to at home self tapes. You need to know that this episode is going to uplift you. Anna and Alyshia do not hold back. Here are just a few of the juicy takeaways How to train yourself to be prepared for set How to avoid getting stressed out when it comes to self-taping The Staircase Analogy and why you need to focus on that first step   Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Brian Breaks Character!   If you loved this episode, please subscribe and leave an honest review. Your review helps boost the show and gives us the chance to help more creatives get out of suffering for their art and into action. Be sure to leave your IG handle when you do so I can send a VIP episode to say thank you.   THE NEW TRIPLE THREAT   CONNECT WITH ANNA & ALYSHIA   ANNA Instagram Website   ALYSHIA Instagram Website   Subscribe To The Podcast   Watch The Uncut Behind-the-scenes Video Of This Episode On YouTube:   Follow Me On Instagram For A First-look At Our Guests And Upcoming Episodes!   Episode Transcript

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