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Your Audition Magnet Questions Answered

• 30 min

Your Audition Magnet questions answered!  If you’re tired of not seeing the kind of auditions you want from your casting, profiles or representation, this program is designed to help. But I get that you might have some questions… so I gathered together the questions I hear most often, and answered them in this video. First of all, what IS Audition Magnet? My understanding is that the course is videos that we complete independently on a schedule and then attend group coaching calls with Brian. Is that correct? When are the calls? What if I can’t make it to the Q&A coaching calls? I already know my headshots and reel are terrible so what’s the point? What is the community facet of the course? It can feel so tiresome to go about this alone. I’m afraid I’ll just sign up and won’t follow through. What if I don’t have a lot of work on my resume? I have lots of training but haven’t booked much yet. Can I still benefit from this course? I’m in France, England, Canada, Australia and we don’t use Actors Access. Will this even apply to me? I already have a solid social media following. I’m feeling hesitant – when is this going to be offered again? I have a rep and they already use my Actors Access profile, so why do I need this course? Visit to check out the program entirely designed to 3X your auditions!

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