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#57 Actor Survival Guide to 2022 with an All-Star Lineup of Coaches Part 2

• 44 min

Run over to... to get your very own FREE Copy of the Actor Survival Guide that accompanies this very special 2-part episode. Do you hate the phrase UNPRECEDENTED TIMES as much as I do? We are two years into this pandemic THE TIMES ARE PRECEDENTED, bro! That said, whether the times are unprecedented or precedented, one thing we can all agree on is: THESE TIMES have forever changed what it means to pursue an acting career.  This episode of Brian Breaks Character is part 2 of a special 2-part episode where I brought together this squad of supercoaches - Christine Horn, Emily Grace, DaJuan Johnson, Elise Arsenault, Jenna Dolittle, Moniqua Plante and Jo Kelly to uncover a number of über-effective strategies for staying on track and focusing on what's actually important especially during these times.  And.. If you haven't listened to part one yet, don’t miss out! Listen here: Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Brian Breaks Character!   If you loved this episode, please subscribe and leave an honest review. Your review helps boost the show and gives us the chance to help more creatives get out of suffering for their art and into action. Be sure to leave your IG handle when you do so I can send a VIP episode to say thank you.   CONNECT WITH CHRISTINE Instagram Website CONNECT WITH EMILY Instagram Website CONNECT WITH DAJUAN Instagram Website CONNECT WITH ELISE Instagram Website CONNECT WITH JENNA Instagram Website CONNECT WITH MONIQUA Instagram Website CONNECT WITH JO Instagram Website Grab your FREE Download of The Official 2022 Actor Survival Guide Subscribe To The Podcast Watch The Uncut Behind-the-scenes Video Of This Episode On Youtube: Follow Me On Instagram For A First-look At Our Guests And Upcoming Episodes! Episode 57 Transcript:

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