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#55 Ignite Your JOY with Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Utterback

• 61 min

Today’s podcast episode carries a message that I KNOW you’ll relate to from an actress, you’ll probably recognize. A lot of people think that actors with BIG Network TV credits have it easy. And don’t get me wrong, credits can help – but even Viola Davis and Olivia Colman worry about where they’re gonna get their next job. Sarah Utterback had an epic Recurring Role as Nurse Olivia on Grey’s Anatomy – 19 episodes in Shondaland… so you’d think she'd hit the tipping point. She was working & making opportunities for herself – she’s one of the founding members of Los Angeles’ critically-acclaimed, Ovation Award-winning IAMA Theatre Company.  When you meet Sarah you’ll fall in love with her (just like I did) – she’s got a warm voice and easy smile – you could easily see her take any of Jessica Chastain’s roles or play Kristen Bell’s sister on The Good Place. But when we met, Sarah was in THE BAD PLACE. …she didn’t have an agent… …she was jaded about the bizniz… …and in her own words, she was “letting some shadowy stories” run the show… In today’s episode of the podcast she tells you first-hand how there’s a perversely satisfying fast-food feel-good self-righteousness when you judge the bizniz and yourself. This episode doesn’t sugarcoat it: Icky, shadowy stuff is gonna come up, AND you have a choice. You can see those feelings as: permission to back off from your purpose and stop showing up OR an opportunity to slow down and DO THE WORK to reveal the truth of who you are so you can attract the attention you’re ready for. Sarah did the work and it worked.  GOOD SPOILER ALERT Sarah got 35 OFFERS for representation – plus 10 more reps said "If after all your meetings, you're still looking, please reach out.”   CONNECT WITH SARAH Instagram Website IMDb   Subscribe To The Podcast   Watch The Uncut Behind-the-scenes Video Of This Episode On Youtube:   Need New Representation? Get In On This Free Training:   Follow Me On Instagram For A First-look At Our Guests And Upcoming Episodes!   Episode Transcript:

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