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34: How I would scale to 6 figures & beyond if I was starting again today

• 27 min

In today's episode, I'm sharing with you the exact steps I would take if I want to start my business again to make six figures in a year - and I use the term loosely to mean a good income where are you now stressing about paying your bills or your team. You will learn: - what I would start with (which is NOT audience building!) - my controversial opinion on content strategy (I know this one will surprise you) - how to get visible at any stage, especially early on (without giving away dozens of free calls a month for free) ...and more. This episode is so valuable even if you're currently making multiple six figures or more because the strategies are a great fit to help you scale more effortlessly if you haven't already mastered them. I even got some ideas myself hehe. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to share & tag us! Our links: Connect with me on⁠ Instagram⁠. Sign up to my ⁠free newsletter⁠ for realllly good story-based emails twice a week. Enrol in ⁠Badass Sales Academy⁠ to simplify your strategy & make sales magic happen. Sign up to ⁠Consistent Client Attractor ⁠if you want to start attracting dream clients (currently only £111) If you'd rather work with me 1:1, find all the options ⁠here⁠.

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