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29. The only way to be seen as an authority in 2023

• 20 min

Are you feeling like your niche is a bit "crowded" or you're not sure if you currently stand out as an authority? I get it & have heard it a lot in the past couple of years, which is why authority is something I'll never stop talking about. Regardless of how long you've been in business, even if you have small (or large) audience, you can be the go-to leader. Today, in this pep-talk style episode, I'm breaking down for you the things that USED to work to show authority that are not as effective anymore, as well as 3 specific ways to change that in 2023.  You might be surprised to hear some of these things - and also, I share with you a really cool story from a book I'm reading at the moment.  Let me know your thoughts or questions over on IG - send me a DM or tag me in your stories! Want to take your sales to the next level? Download my free Badass Sales Planner, trusted by more than 1000 entrepreneurs!

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