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21. The secret to handling the most common sales objections

• 23 min

If only your ideal clients would stop having so many questions and objections, right? 😰 Let me blow your mind for a second inside this episode, because we're chatting all about the dreaded sales objections. I'm sharing with you: ✔️ What sales objections actually are  ✔️ How you can reframe your mindset around them ✔️ The 2 proven ways to stop getting as many objections ✔️ My 4 steps sales psychology process to handle ANY objections, with lots of examples. Basically, everything you ever needed to know about objections, all done here for you - bring a pen and paper with you!  If you enjoy listening, tag me on your socials or drop me a DM - I would love to hear your thoughts. Also, if you're ready to learn how to sell out your offers, make consistent income and be seen as an authority, join my 8 week sales accelerator, NO BS style: Are we Instagram friends yet? Connect with me at

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