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19. The secret to unlocking consistent income every month

• 28 min

Making some sales is cool, but you know what's even better? Making sales consistently, aka creating recurring income and repeate sales, so you can plan your life and business accordingly - no more feeling glued to your phone & laptop. Today, I go in depth on the 5 pillars of consistent income that you need to master so you don't have to worry each month and feel like you're starting from scratch - bring a pen and paper, because it's a juicy one! Also, as of today, the waitlist for Badass Sales Academy is finally open! If you're looking to learn how to sell out your offers while being seen as an authority, this one is for you. If you want to get £500 off the program and first access when the doors open, plus other perks, join the waitlist here: Also this is the FREE Sales Planner that I was talking about, to help you map out in-depth your best year in business yet: Plus of course, let's connect on IG if we haven't yet:

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