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17. Nobody else will tell you this truth about the online business space

• 23 min

Time and time again I see the same BS online, the lies, the pretending, and the "perfection" that some choose to create. After years in this space, I'm sharing with you the things that everyone thinks and people have "hush hush" conversations about, but often don't dare to say out loud.  I wanted to reveal to you some of the harsh realities that you might not realise are going on if you've not seen the behind the scenes of multiple online businesses, alongside what you can learn from each of them. So grab your beverage of choice and let's get right in -  and obvs, do tag me if you're listening, I love to see where you are when tuning in! Grab your FREE 2022 sales planner here, to help you map out in depth your best year in business yet: Also, let's connect on IG:

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