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16. The 5 Steps to Scaling Your Business Faster

• 24 min

If you're feeling stuck in your business at inconsistent 2-5K months and are trying to scale to 6 figures in the next year or hit consistent 8-10K+ months without working 24/7, this episode is for you.  I'm breaking down for you the specific 5 things that you NEED in your business in order to go from "I hope I hit 5K this month" to higher monthly reccuring income that allows you to relax and fully step into your CEO role.  We're going deep into topics such as your vision, sales systems, hiring and ROI, and so much more.  This one is almost 25 minutes of pure gold, so make sure to open your notes app or bring your pen and paper, because the class is in session and I can't wait to share it all with you!  Also, if you loved this episode, tag me on socials or DM me, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are we Instagram friends yet? Connect with me at

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