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Lessons Learned from my Dad's Life | Brine Hamilton

• 43 min

Brine Hamilton has spent over 15 years in the security industry focusing primarily on the healthcare vertical in roles ranging from frontline security to a number of leadership positions. Currently, Brine is a System Engineer with Omnigo Software, and faculty at Fleming College and Seneca College in addition to serving on the Board of Directors as President-Elect with the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety. Brine is also the host and co-host of 3 podcasts. Though what I am speaking with Brine about today is the loss of his dad and the impact that that loss has had on him. Not a day goes by that he is not thinking of his dad. I love hearing guys talk about their grief journeys as so often their voice is not heard or gets lost. As always I hope you will pick up some valuable information along the way -  and  may your own journey be filled with love, light, and hope   You don’t want to miss how through those reflections: How he has come to understand the things he learned from his dad The things he didn't learn How this experience is helping him to be a better dad to his own 4 kids and their mini golden doodle - Samson PLUS, how he has become a better friend and colleague!    Links and resources: Access your FREE resources HERE  My website: Follow me on Instagram: @healing2bu_ Facebook: TheBeautifulSideofGrief Email me: For more about me and what I do Check out my website   Brine's links Website: IG: @disrupt_the_everyday Twitter: @BrineHamilton LinkTree:   Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on any of my weekly interviews and resources. And, if you enjoyed this episode, please leave me a rating and a review? Thanks! Thanks, Gabe Dovaston for the great music!   Quote: "One of the things that has come through reflection is trying to give people the grace to just assume that they mean well... that they're trying their best." ~ Brine Hamilton   Are you ready to shift your heartache, grief, guilt, anger, anxiety, dread, despair? I help people all over the world shift negative energies that are holding them back from being able to live a happy, fulfilling life. I became certified in this because it changed my life in ways I could never imagine. And I am no different from you. So if you would like to know more let's connect over FREE 15-30 minute introductory chat to discover how it could help you 💜   I look forward to connecting with you!

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