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The Evolution of Plant Parenthood with Adam, Becca and Nicole from Potted Together

• 77 min

Are you always seeking out new plant friends to swap plant care tips and experiences with? This episode is perfect for new plant parents looking to learn from experienced plant lovers or anyone who wants to be part of a community of plant enthusiasts. Join me as I chat with the Potted Together trio Adam, Nicole, and Becca about the evolution of plant parenthood, the different seasons of plant care, and all the topics that only true plant friends would discuss. So grab a cup of tea and listen to the conversation! In this episode, we learn:[02:28] Meet my new budgie, Frankie![02:53] Plant Friend Hangs[03:12] Meet Adam, Becca, and Nicole from Potted Together![13:30] How their friendship started[17:55] What made the three decide to start a podcast together[20:02] Difference and advantage of podcast vs youtube[22:22] How have Adam's feelings about plants changed over time?[26:00] Nicole's experience as a plant parent[27:32] Where can you find Oprah's favorite bed sheets?[29:45] Safe and high-quality potting mix and fertilizer for your houseplants[32:27] Becca's plant parenthood journey![35:56] Which plants did they regret buying and which ones did they love?[36:09] Nicole's Philodendron Florida vs glosorium[37:35] Adam's Hoya carnosa ‘Grey Ghost’ vs Monstera Thai Constellation[40:05] Becca's variegated alocasia vs Pilea peperomioides[43:40] Why Maria thinks Rhaphidophora tetrasperma should never go out of style[44:13] Which plant would you choose if you had to keep only one houseplant and get rid of everything else?[49:48] Adjusting your plant care approach through the seasons[54:09] Unforeseen consequences of being a plant parent[59:51] How the online plant community has evolved and grown, especially during the pandemic[01:05:15] What changes have they seen in Plant-Tube, and what the trends will be for the community in 2023 and 2024[01:11:25] What are Adam, Becca and Nicole’s favorite plant memories? Mentioned in our conversation:Nicole’s YouTube video My Clean LeavesSummer Rayne Oakes’ YouTube channelHilton Carter’s InstagramNick Pileggi’s YouTube channelLet's Talk Hoya podcastThe Green Plant InstagramGrowing Joy Episode 51: How to Live with a “Crazy Plant Person”Growing Joy Episode 109: Passive Hydroponics: Pon and LECAFor Good from Wicked YouTube channelBecca De La PlantsBecca De La Creations For an in-depth look at the the trio's fave plants and plant 'regrets',check out the full show notes and blog here! Thank you to our episode sponsors:Espoma OrganicEspoma Organic is dedicated to making safe indoor and outdoor gardening products for people, pets, and the planet. They have an amazing variety of high-quality, organic potting mixes, garden soil, fertilizers, and pest control products that are organic and eco-friendly. Visit to find your local Espoma dealer or check my Amazon storefront. Cozy EarthSleep is foundational for optimum health, like having quality soil for our plants to thrive in, so doesn't it make sense to have bedding that reflects that? Cozy Earth's best-selling bamboo sheet set is temperature-regulating and incredibly soft, and it's made from 100% premium viscose from bamboo which makes it not only feel like silk but actually truly cooling to touch. Plus, they have a lengthy warranty and everything you need for bedding with a variety of luxury pillows, sheets, blankets and even PJS! Check out and enjoy an exclusive offer of 35% off site wide when you use the code “GROWINGJOY". Follow Potted Together: Potted Together Podcast Becca's YouTube Becca's Instagram Becca’s Website Adam's Youtube Adam's Instagram Nicole's Youtube Nicole's Instagram Follow Maria and Growing Joy: Order my book: Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide to Cultivating Happiness (and Plants) by Maria Failla, Illustrated by Samantha Leung Join the Bloom and Grow Garden Party Community Platform & App AKA the plantiest and kindest corner of the internet! Get your FREE 2-

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