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Landscaping in the Southwest with Tina from The Desert Botanical Garden

• 47 min

Many of us might think of deserts as barren wastelands, but in reality, the desert is a planty oasis within itself! There are towering saguaros, rosette aloes and agaves, and pollinators flitting between prickly pear flowers. To walk us through this underrated environment, we have a very special guest: Tina Wilson, the Director of Horticulture at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. We take a closer look at the amazing vegetation that thrives in the desert, and how you can create your own thriving desert landscape. Tina also shares her expertise on how to cultivate a lush desert landscape that is heat-tolerant and drought-resistant, perfect for those living in the Southwest garden zones. In this episode, we learn:[04:58] How Tina Wilson became Director of Horticulture at Desert Botanical Garden[06:13] Tina's duties as Director of Horticulture[08:04] Unique vegetation in Arizona[10:02] What is desert landscaping? (and its 3 characteristics!)[13:08] Gardening zones in the Southwest[14:06] Key factors to consider when landscaping in the desert[14:42] Right plant at the right location![15:51] What are the plants recommended for desert landscapes?[16:46] The impact of the southwestern sun on plants[18:17] Protecting plants from sunburn with shade cloth[19:16] What is a plant palette?[21:08] Where to find the best bamboo bedding for health and comfort?[23:36] Want to grow fresh berries in your own garden?[25:09] The importance of water conservation and irrigation in the desert[26:22] Why reduce grass/turf in desert landscapes?[29:24] The process of renovating a yard: soil profiling and testing[31:07] Why are native desert plants so well-suited to desert conditions?[33:34] An overview of desert plants' root systems[34:17] How a Saguaro cactus stays upright despite its shallow root system[35:53] Exploring water harvesting techniques[37:02] What are some of the drought-tolerant plants?[40:20] Tina's favorite pollinator-attracting plants[42:04] Maria's experience at the New York Botanical Garden[42:39] Join Desert Landscape School now for an exceptional learning experience.[45:26] Is there a season for growing food in the desert? Mentioned in our conversation:Channy Gray HomeElevated GardeningNew York Botanical GardenDesert Botanical GardenMarriott Hotel PhoenixDesert Landscaping School of Desert Botanical Garden For an in-depth read on desert plants and water conservation practices,check out the full show notes and blog here! Thank you to our episode sponsors:Cozy EarthSleep is foundational for optimum health, like having quality soil for our plants to thrive in, so doesn't it make sense to have bedding that reflects that? Cozy Earth's best-selling bamboo sheet set is temperature-regulating and incredibly soft, and it's made from 100% premium viscose from bamboo which makes it not only feel like silk but actually truly cooling to touch. Plus, they have a lengthy warranty and everything you need for bedding with a variety of luxury pillows, sheets, blankets and even PJS! Check out and enjoy an exclusive offer of 35% off site wide when you use the code “GROWINGJOY". Territorial Seed CompanyIt's time to start planning for growing season 2023! If you’re looking for plants for your garden, skip the lines at the garden center and let Territorial Seed Company deliver top-of-the-line, healthy and hardy vegetable plants right to your door! They have a great line of pre-grown plants, an expansive seed catalog, and over 40 years of experience delivering the best seeds and plants for everyone's garden. Whether you are looking for berries, flowers or edible plants in either seed or seedling form, Territorial Seed Company has your back. Get 10% off by visiting - discount applied at checkout. Follow Desert Botanical Garden: Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Tiktok Linkedin Follow Maria and Growing Joy: Order my book: Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide

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