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How Our Community Grows Joy

• 56 min

Plant friends, the most awaited day is here: it's Growing Joy's Pub Day! To celebrate Growing Joy hitting the bookstores and to give thanks to the wonderful community behind Bloom and Grow, I've asked community members to share with us how plants help them grow joy. This episode is a wonderful reminder of what plants can do for us: from helping us learn about the world around us, to rediscovering our inner child, to guiding our healing may it be a spiritual, mental, or emotional, to building a community of like-minded plant people, and many more. I'm so excited to bring to you this heartwarming compilation, and of course, my love letter to plants, Growing Joy: A Plant Lover's Guide to Cultivating Happiness (And Plants). Enjoy! Order my book!Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide to Cultivating Happiness (and Plants) by Maria Failla, Illustrated by Samantha Leung Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast,so you don't miss the amazing episodes we have coming up! In this episode we learn:[00:09] What this special episode is about[02:35] Pub Day is here![03:20] What Growing Joy is about[04:26] The irony behind Growing Joy[05:03] How a community made Growing Joy possible[07:50] An excerpt from Growing Joy’s chapter ‘Practice Kindness’[09:23] How plants help us connect with ourselves and with other people - Jane[10:46] How plants bring calmness and remind us it’s okay to take things slow - Christy[11:44] How plants remind us of the special bonds we have with people - Meredith[12:21] A little fun fact about the humble beginnings of Bloom and Grow[14:20] How plants bring us joy while traveling - Aaron[15:21] How plants help us accept failure as part of our growth - Toni[16:22] How plants encourage us to learn something new every day - Marc, Marie & Miles[17:49] How plants help us grow joy by learning, sharing and giving - Samantha[20:24] Cultivating your curiosity with plants, beyond Growing Joy[21:25] How plants help us heal physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and more - Nancy, Pamela & Willow[27:26] How growing flowers helps grow joy - Michael[28:00] How growing your own food brings joy - Jodi[29:09] How taking care of lithops grow joy - Jamie[30:22] How plants give us a sense of purpose - Tina[31:53] How plants reignite our passion and help us pursue careers that we love - Roos, Chloe, Ami, Rachael, Renee & Bailey[38:17] How plants build a community that grows joy - Nicki & Steven[40:08] Maria shares tips on building a community and enjoying activities together[41:20] How plants help us reconnect with ourselves - Marcia, Karen, Otis, Darlene, Amy, Kamili & Connor[47:36] Maria’s goal behind writing Growing Joy[49:02] The introduction of Growing Joy: A Plant Lover’s Guide to Cultivating Happiness (And Plants)Featured plant friends:Jane Ouding - @flowerland_janeChristy Leitch - @teaandfrondsMeredith Fages ProskinAaron Albano - @aaronjalbanoToni Leitgab - @tonilaviece22Marc Crick - @arcanebotanyMarie Scwab - @schwaberryMilesSamantha Leung - @hemlevaNancy Nowick-Kauk - @plantyogamamaPam Garnett - @its_pam_elaWillow Star Wright - @hanginwithplantsMichael Beck - @coloradobeckJodi Bunting - @simpletraditionsfarmJamie Johnson - @minnesotamesembsTina Gustafson - @elevatedgardeningazRoos Kocken - @plantwithroosChloe Tsudama Ami Polite - @politegardensRachael Cohen - @infinitesucculentRenee Molina - @kreativegardensColah B Tawkin - @blackinthegardenBailey Bunting - @botanicalbailsNicki - @plantpotsnwhatnotsSteven Thyken - @hausplantdaddyMarcia Castro-Rosenberg - @rootingforyoulvKaren Pinkoski - @karenpinkoskiOtis Schroeder - @otisfittrainingDarlene Zavala - @darlinggreenthingsAmy Lefavour - @amikinskywalker42Kamili Bell Hill - @plantblerdConnor Raehsler - @craehsler Join the Bloom and Grow Garden Society!The Bloom and Grow Garden Society is your one-stop shop for plant parenthood growth. When you join, you'll gain full access to the Garden Party Community Platform and App PLUS monthly plant care lectures wi

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