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Compress Time by Investing With Others with Travis Smith

• 33 min

How often have you seen a deal but hesitated because you didn't have enough capital or felt you didn't have enough support? Of course, doing things all by yourself can be challenging, especially when investing. But what if you have a tribe of people rooting for you and ready to support you?  In this episode, Joey and Russ interview Travis Smith, Founder & CEO of Tribevest, a collaborative group investment platform that enables friends and family to organize as an investor group, pool money, and manage joint investments. To understand more about how you can start engaging in joint investments without the stress of worrying about the legal documentation and processes, tune in to this episode where Travis explains all these and more! Top 3 Things You’ll Learn:  The benefits of being in a tribeThe real meaning of being an investorHow failure can lead to success   About Our Guest: Tribevest CEO, Travis Smith, dreamed out loud about building generational wealth and forever altering his family’s financial trajectory. However, he’d never been introduced to ways of private investing, and wealth-building seemed out of reach. Travis and his brothers realized they could overcome their lack of experience and know-how if they worked together. But they had to confront the more obvious and immediate barrier—they lacked the capital required to break into wealth-building, freedom investments. By forming and funding an Investor Tribe, they unlocked a new future and the secrets of the wealthy.     Connect with Travis Smith: Website - Start Your Tribe Today: Take Advantage of a Free Financial Strategy Call:

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