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Using Policies to Start Businesses with Justin Harris

• 37 min

#186: Did you know that a whole life policy is an extremely liquid asset? Today’s episode brings more proof that the (Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)) can improve your cash flow. You don’t need to go through the hoops of a traditional financial institution to borrow money to fund business acquisitions. Simply request a loan against your whole life policy and you can immediately access the funds. Join Russ and Joey as they interview Justin Harris, the COO of Wealth Without Wall Street. Successful entrepreneurs never stop looking for an opportunity to provide value. That’s where Justin comes in, he educates people on how to spot multiple opportunities in the market, particularly in the e-commerce space, while exponentially growing his own businesses. Join the (Wealth Without Wall Street Community) to get access to Justin’s course and other wealth-building resources. Top 3 Things You'll Learn: How to use one asset to fund another asset Tapping into profitable business opportunities Justin’s S-C-O-P-E strategy to 10X your business About Our Guest: Justin Harris works in Operations and Strategic Consulting at Wealth Without Wall Street. He has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Samford University. Justin co-founded and was the COO of two companies, Fireseeds and Wildsparq. Since then, he started Congruence, a business operations consulting company. Outside of work, Justin loves working out, watching his kids play sports, and growing his e-commerce businesses. Justin currently owns two candle and fragrance brands, (Stack Candles) and (Walter and Rosie). His goal for the next three years is to replace his current active income with passive income. His life motto is “Focus equals growth.” Justin is also a huge Georgia fan: Go Dawgs! Connect with Justin: Stack Candles: ( Walter and Rosie: (

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