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How to Build an Impressive Real Estate Portfolio with Tobi Kimura

• 32 min

#171: How do you ensure a great future for you and your family? Most people go the traditional route -- putting money in the bank and investing in ROTH or IRA. While this is good, at what point will it get you to where you want to be? Today’s guest, Tobi Kimura, is an avid listener to the (Wealth Without Wall Street podcast )and a (Community) member. She walks us through her incredible journey living an ordinary family life, having a full-time job while raising a family, and building an impressive portfolio of 77 rental properties. She shares how the Infinite Banking Concept has been instrumental in achieving this path. Tobi talks about why passion is essential in creating financial freedom, peace of mind, and building a legacy. She hopes to inspire others to take the same steps. Tobi leaves a beautiful message for everyone: “You’re going to stumble upon some hard times, some unknowns, you have to make some pretty important decisions, but once you get through those hurdles, you can pick up, dust yourself up, and move on to the next one…” Top 3 Things You'll Learn: Taking the first step by educating yourself and stepping out of the box Setting your goals and gearing up to explore infinite possibilities Finding the motivation to strive and continue growing About Tobi: Tobi lives in Hawaii with her husband, Nathan, and their two children. She works in a medical distribution company while her husband works in his family’s construction business. With the primary goal of achieving financial freedom and securing their children’s future, Tobi has taken the lessons learned from the Infinite Banking Concept and created multiple income streams by investing in real estate. They now have 77 rental properties on the mainland.

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