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Round Table | How Long Do I Have to Pay My Premiums

• 28 min

We're back to talk through the intricate details of the Infinite Banking Concept. One question that usually comes up from people who have whole life insurance policies is: “How long do I have to pay my premiums?” Like most other questions we previously discussed, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to how long you have to pay your premiums. Consider what’s more important to you: Return ON your money or return OF your money? Let’s reframe the question as follows: How long DO I HAVE to pay for my premiums? How long CAN I pay my premiums? How long SHOULD I pay my premiums? It all depends on how you view your premiums. If you treat it as an expense, then you’d want to stop paying it as soon as you can. But if you begin to look at premiums as a savings instrument where you’re putting it in a system that will work for you, giving you options and flexibility, then you will know the answer to that question. -- Want to go even deeper into the conversation? Join our IBC Inner Circle Group membership and gain access to our live podcast recordings, interactive Hot Seat guests on the topics, and exclusive QandA sessions with other members and our coaches. Join here: (

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