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Round Table 19: Is Index Universal Life Insurance Good for IBC

• 32 min

Is IUL or Index Universal Life Insurance good for IBC? We’ll answer this in today’s round table. First, let’s try to understand the context of IUL and IBC. IUL is essentially a risk mitigation tool providing “upside potential with downside protection.” It is built on universal life insurance and meant to offset or compete with what’s happening in the market. IUL provides a constant rate of return and the cost of insurance premiums. Now, (IBC is about Becoming Your Own Banker), a concept introduced by Nelson Nash. Its process revolves around accumulation and distribution, taking control of your finances, and buying assets to have cash flow. Now that we fully understand both concepts, let’s go back to our question, is IUL a good fit for IBC? Our goal is to get back our time and have flexibility. Let’s take a look at the 3 Essential Guarantees with Whole Life Insurance that are not in IUL: 1. A guaranteed premium 2. A guaranteed cash value 3. Guaranteed death benefits We can also refer to these as the “certainty inside guarantees.” Now you decide what you want to do with your money. -- Want to go even deeper into the conversation? Join our IBC Inner Circle Group membership and gain access to our live podcast recordings, interactive Hot Seat guests on the topics, and exclusive QandA sessions with other members and our coaches. Join here: (

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