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Our Passive Income Report - September 2020

• 37 min

#160: Welcome to the continuation of the Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast's Monthly Passive Income Report. This episode we go over our September 2020 passive income streams and show you how we had a 30% percent increase from last month. We discuss why some strategies didn’t work for us, but could still work for you. From taking on more expenses to dealing with neighbors who want us out, we go over every aspect of the business and give you exact numbers to put into perspective. Money is just a tool that we trade for time, but time waits for no man. Short-term rentals have increased our income greatly from month to month, however land-flipping took us backwards this month. These episodes also show us where we can improve and learn from the mistakes we made month to month. Overall, September was a good month for us and we are excited to continue expanding in some areas. We hope this episode inspires you to use your money wisely and allows you to learn from our mistakes. Become a Freedom Seeker! September 2020 - Passive Income Revenue By the Numbers: Gross Revenue: $ 24,704 Total Expenses: $ 20,000 Net Profit: $ 4,408 ____ Affiliate Marketing - Revenue: $246 | Expenses: $1803 Community - Members: 3,000 | Revenue: $ 3244 | Expenses: $2884 Long-term Rental - Revenue: $ 1065 | Expenses: $ 941 Short-term Rental - Revenue $11,790 | Expenses $7613 Crypto - Revenue $3947 | Expenses $1588 Multi Family - Revenue: $0 | Expenses $0 Cattle Business - Revenue: $0 | Expenses $0 Land Flipping (Tri Star) - Revenue: $728 | Expenses: $1298 Land Flipping (Everland) - Revenue: $4123 | Expenses: $0

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