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Embracing the Tax Code with Todd Mardis and Walt Dallas

• 32 min

#158: It’s easy to feel as though taxes are stealing your wealth, and if you don’t know how to approach the tax code, you’re right. On the flip side, if you choose to embrace the tax code, you’ll discover the many ways to keep and expand your money. Today’s guests are Todd Mardis and Walt Dallas of Capital Preservation Services, whose collective mission is to leverage every legal and defensible way to expand their clients’ wealth through the tax code. They cover the concrete steps to getting more deductions and cash flow through your estate, as well as the ways you can utilize both S and C corporations to save thousands. The tax code can be cryptic, but by grasping it little by little, your wealth will rise. What you'll learn: The smart way to approach the tax code How to leverage your estate to increase cash flow and save money Why paying less in taxes is the key to wealth About Todd and Walt: Todd Mardis is the founder and CEO of Capital Preservation Services, a tax consulting firm that helps high-earning clients with taxes, asset management, and estate planning. Todd has spent over 20 years consulting with business owners, physicians, and other high-earning clients on how to maximize cash flow and deductions. Walt Dallas serves as legal counsel and tax attorney, consulting with CPS on income tax planning, business succession, estates, and much more.

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