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Round Table | Should I Start a New Policy or Pay Back Policy Loans?

• 37 min

Should I start a new policy or pay back my policy loans? It reads like a black or white decision, but it’s more complicated than that. Before you answer that question, answer these: Do you see your policies as assets or expenses? Are you expecting more money soon or not for a while? Is your policy new or old? Are you 30 years old or 5 years from retirement? No decision lives in a vacuum, so there is no “right” answer. The best course of action depends purely on your unique situation and goals. Once you determine those answers, you will be better informed and able to make the strategic decisions necessary to secure your financial future. -- Want to go even deeper into the conversation? Join our IBC Inner Circle Group membership and gain access to our live podcast recordings, interactive Hot Seat guests on the topics, and exclusive QandA sessions with other members and our coaches. Join here:

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