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How I Achieved 7 Figures Through Flipping Homes W/ Bill Allen

• 33 min

We’ve said many times on this show that our environment dictates what level we will rise to or stay at, especially when it comes to investing in yourself. So how can you go from being part of a mastermind to OWNING a mastermind? By expanding your horizons and surrounding yourself with people who are experts in their field. That’s exactly what our guest on today’s show, Bill Allen, did when he joined and subsequently became the owner for 7 Figure Flipping. Bill talks about how he got into real estate investing during his tenure as a Navy pilot and applied strategies he had learned from the military to real estate. He also discusses how he went from flipping 1 to 2 houses annually to quitting his job to work full time with 7 Figure Flipping and his company, Blackjack Real Estate. Bill also explains how, rather than focusing on profits as the end goal, he uses his financial resources to give back to others, create resources for them to expand their horizons, and allow them to grow their real estate investments far beyond 1 deal a year. Bill offers incredible insight into real estate investing, so if you’ve been on the fence about diving into it, this is the perfect episode to expand your horizons.

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