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Current Events: Coronavirus and the Market Drop

• 48 min

Current Events: Coronavirus and the market drop"The Dow plunges more than 2,000 points, the largest decline since 2008, as coronavirus fuels market turmoil." If you're living in the Wall Street mindset, it might seem like the sky is falling. But on this week's episode, Joey and Russ want to tell you why this is the perfect wake up call to begin your journey to financial freedom. In these moments of uncertainty and violent swings, they tell you what you can be doing to find passive income and eliminate the stress of seeing red on the NYSE. If you're tired of riding a financial roller coaster, this episode will help show you what you can do to change that. Top 3 Things You’ll Learn:Why the Wall Street mindset is the wrong way to think when it comes to retirement. How you can begin finding methods of passive income that provide real, tangible growth without locking your money into stocks or bonds. Why now is the perfect time to start questioning what you've been taught about investing your whole life. ( Our Community (It’s Free):Not only will you be able to interact with our podcast guests via exclusive Q&A sessions, but you’ll also be given free access to our Financial Freedom 101 course that’s designed to clarify and accelerate your path to Financial Freedom. Sign-up today and immerse yourself with others who are breaking free from corporate America and Wall Street.  ( in Financial Freedom? Schedule a Call with Us! ( Join our Community! (

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