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The Pursuit of Excellence w/ Aaron Walker

• 32 min

The Pursuit Of Excellence W/ Aaron Walker Are you currently where you want to be in your life? If you aren’t, what’s holding you back? What are you doing to make 2020 a more explosive and successful year than 2019? If you want to become a must-have expert in your business, personal and spiritual life, a mastermind group will not only help you to become successful but significant. If you feel like you constantly are fighting uphill in your business or can’t find a way to maximize your growth, then this is an episode you MUST listen to. Top 3 Things You’ll Learn: How to live a life of significance and constantly pursue excellence in both your personal life AND your business. How anyone can create a mastermind from scratch and find success. Why it is so important to find the right group of people to hold you accountable, especially when joining a mastermind group. Guest - Aaron Walker: Aaron started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of eighteen when he started his own business. Nine years later, he sold that business to a Fortune 500 company for over seven figures. However, he didn’t feel fulfilled by just selling his business and thought there had to be more he could accomplish. Since then, Aaron has started, bought, and sold fourteen successful companies over the past 36 years. Aaron now works with Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind, which works to help men grow and be accountable in every aspect of their lives.

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