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How to Create Passive Income with Wholesaling Lease Options w/ Joe McCall

• 44 min

We’ve often heard our listeners ask us “How can you begin investing in real estate without having extensive funds?” The answer is rather straightforward: You need to use creative strategies! Our guest on today’s show is the legendary guru of wholesaling, Joe McCall. Joe has been investing in real estate for over a decade, has sold over a hundred properties, and taught his students to sell hundreds more. Before he started working on his real estate investing business full-time, he had worked for several large engineering & construction companies all around the country. He had always heard that real estate was a great way to provide passive income, but he struggled to really get it off the ground. When he got tired of spending over $3,000 a month in marketing for his wholesaling business, and throwing away so many leads from unmotivated sellers, he knew there had to be a better way. That's when he came across the special niche he calls "Wholesaling Lease Options". As soon as he started implementing his simple, unique system, within 3 months his part-time income quickly surpassed his full-time income. Joe tells our listeners what wholesaling lease options are, why they are such a powerful tool for providing supplemental income, and how they can automate a majority of the business to sell properties wherever and whenever they want. If you’ve never heard of wholesaling in real estate or don’t think you have the funds to start investing, this is an episode you cannot afford to miss!

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