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How to Create 6 Figures in Less Than 6 Months With AirBnB

• 36 min

What This Episode Is About:Real Estate is a crucial pillar of wealth when it comes to financial freedom, but what if you don’t want to actively own or manage a property? Brian Page is our guest on this week’s episode of The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast, and he discusses how he built a business with AirBnB properties. He explains his “formula” that allowed him to earn $117,000 in 6 months and over $300,000 his first year.  Brian discusses his challenges of building passive income without any properties, limited cash in the bank, and terrible credit from a previous business flop. That’s when he discovered leasing properties and renting them through AirBnB. He found a property that cost him $50 a day to rent and he was able to earn $150 to $200 a day by offering it as a nightly rental to guests visiting his city. From there, his business grew to hundreds of properties and since then, he has begun teaching others the same process of renting out on AirBnB. He’s now taught thousands of people who have rented properties in all 50 states and 38 countries. This episode is perfect for our listeners looking to grow their passive income with little to no experience in real estate.  Mentioned In This Episode:How to create passive income through AirBnB without owning a single property. How to outsource different tasks when managing properties: from the front desk to maintenance to cleaning up the property between guests. How to make the idea of leasing properties and renting them through AirBnB a “win-win” for both you and property owners. And much more!   Join Our Community: If you want to engage with others like yourself who are breaking free from corporate America and Wall Street, this is the place. As a part of the community you will receive exclusive access to our podcast guests for live Q & A as well as weekly coaching on our 5 Pillars of Wealth Without Wall Street. Join us on the journey to financial freedom at ( Resources: Check out Brian’s website for details on his courses, book, and contact information: (  Tune into the webinar exclusively for our listeners at ( Schedule a Call with Us (

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