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The Path From Zero to 150 Flips in Two Years w/ Steven Pesavento

• 38 min

What This Episode is AboutWe've talked before on the show how profitable house flipping can be, but what if you want to try flipping properties remotely in states that you don't live in? Is that even something you can get into, and if so, where would you look to start? Joey and Russ sit down to talk with Steven Pesavento about building a remote real estate business where he flipped 150 houses in states he didn't even live in. He created this business in just two years! Steven now flips over 75 homes a year and works hard to explain how he achieved his success with others. In this episode, he shares several of his secrets for success, including how he keeps his real estate business full of profitable deals, how he follows up with qualified leads around the country while working from Denver, and, most importantly, the strategies he used to get good at closing deals while working for someone else! Steven also discusses the importance of good entrepreneurship and how we have to invest in ourselves in order to find the success we crave. Growth isn't something people achieve overnight and Steven shares his tips on when to push through a difficult moment in your business and when to become more frugal with your spending. This is a phenomenal episode packed with great information that you don't want to miss! So click the link below to listen now! Mentioned in this episode: How to Steven grew his real estate investments from zero deals to 150 within two years. How to push through barriers we face and what we can do to maximize our growth. How to know when it’s time to ramp up your business / team and when it's time to be more frugal. And much more! Join Our Community: If you want to engage with others like yourself who are breaking free from corporate America and Wall Street, this is the place. As a part of the community you will receive exclusive access to our podcast guests for live Q & A as well as weekly coaching on our 5 Pillars of Wealth Without Wall Street. Join us on the journey to financial freedom at ( Resources: For more information on Steven and his business, visit his website: ( Schedule a Call with Us (

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