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How to Create an Automatic Real Estate Business w/ Dustin Heiner

• 41 min

What This Episode is About Investing in Real Estate and Financial Freedom seem to go hand in hand with one another. We often talk about just how important Real Estate is to creating passive income and many guests on our show reiterate that point. However, what steps can we be taking to create an automated business that will allow us to generate that income? How do we mitigate the risk of taking that first step into the market? Is this something anyone can really do, even without a background in Real Estate? Dustin Heiner discovered his passion for investing in rental properties after he was fired from his job. He explains that passive income does not happen quickly, nor is it a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and knowledge to build a profitable passive income business. Dustin is the author of several best selling books including Successfully Unemployed: 16 Real Life Lessons You Must Learn Before You Quit Your Job and Live the Life of Your Dreams.  Mentioned in this episode: * Why You Should Learn How to Invest in Real Estate * How You Can Build a Real Estate Business that Operates Autonomously * Where to Find Investment Property Deals Through Websites * And So Much More! Join Our Community: If you want to engage with others like yourself who are breaking free from corporate America and Wall Street, this is the place. As a part of the community you will receive exclusive access to our podcast guests for live Q & A as well as weekly coaching on our 5 Pillars of Wealth Without Wall Street. Join us on the journey to financial freedom at   Resources: Go to to learn more about Dustin’s strategies in Real Estate and to listen to his own podcast, The Master Passive Income Podcast. Schedule a Call with Us

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