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How to Become A W2 Entrepreneur w/ Nichole Stohler

• 33 min

What This Episode Is About How do individuals like you and me get ahead financially? How do we build passive income that works for us in more ways than a traditional 401k or W2? Should we even care about a “Plan B” if we love our current job? On this week’s episode of The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast, Nichole Stohler explains how she and her husband built a real estate investment business as a “Plan B” for their income. Nichole has been in technology sales for 22 years and loves how fast-paced, dynamic, and diverse the industry can be. However, despite the love for her job, she believes we all need a way to create more financial security. Her “Plan B” included building an 8-figure real estate portfolio of rental properties and commercial property investments including multi-family, single-family, and hotel properties. She shows that her properties currently generate four times the annual return of her company’s 401K during the same time-frame. She has dubbed herself a W2 entrepreneur and discusses how anyone can find financial security.   Mentioned in this episode: How to create your financial “Plan B” and earn income that works for you. Where to begin researching different forms of passive income, particularly real estate investments. Why we need a “Plan B” for our finances, even if our current job is enjoyable and pays well.   Join Our Community: If you want to engage with others like yourself who are breaking free from corporate America and Wall Street, this is the place. As a part of the community you will receive exclusive access to our podcast guests for live Q & A as well as weekly coaching on our 5 Pillars of Wealth Without Wall Street. Join us on the journey to financial freedom at   Resources: Go to to learn more about Nichole and her husband’s journey as W2 entrepreneurs and to hear their podcast, The Richer Geek. Schedule a Call with Us

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