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Paying for College Using IBC

• 45 min

What This Episode Is About Millions of parents have the goal of paying for their kids’ college, and 529 plans are all we hear about when it comes to saving up for it. What are some of the flaws of the government plan, and are there better options? How can we make the right decisions to make sure college is the best path for our children? What can we do to avoid having to choose between retirement and college tuition? On this episode, we talk about alternatives to the 529 plan, and how to leverage them to gain financial freedom.   Mentioned In This Episode: How 529 plans are different from savings * Why we should avoid sectioning off our money for one purpose * What you should do if you already have a 529 plan * Why having more control of your money is one of the key strengths of infinite banking * How to prevent the need to choose between our retirement and our children’s education     New Free Webinar: If you want to learn more about the strategies discussed in this podcast, register for our free webinar on How to Pay for College Using the Infinite Banking Concept by clicking here. If paying for college is on the horizon, you won’t want to miss it! Click HERE to register.   Resources: * Schedule a Call with Us * Don’t run out of money webinar coming soon!   *We use affiliate links and if you choose to buy things we might receive compensation from those companies

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