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How to Harness Your Ideas to Reach Your Goals

• 19 min

How to harness your ideas to reach your goals. Do you have more ideas than you can handle? Do the ideas get garbled with all of the other 'to do' list tasks? Sometimes it feels overwhelming and like you'll never reach your goals. This show will help you harness your ideas so you know what's important (and what's not) so you'll be able to reach your goals. References: How to Get Started With Brain Dumping Sticky learning: Digital brain dumps with Flipgrid and Socrative The Eisenhower Matrix Canvas Ready for More? Once you know what your goals are.... how do you go about achieving them Learn the three simple steps that make up the 'sweet spot' you need to reach your goals. Get The Crazy Simple Sweet Spot to Reach Your Goals (free!) Running a business is hard enough, you don't want to be working against yourself... literally. This content-rich mini-course will take you through the essential steps you need to take so you can launch into the next phase of your business... aligned and assured. Get Taking Aligned Action (online course - $47) WCB Podcast Goals Series: The Importance of Goal Setting in Business How to Prioritize Your Business Goals

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