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Why Authenticity and Vulnerability Rock Your World

• 13 min

How transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability are different. Why authenticity and vulnerability are your secret sauce, and why transparency doesn't always serve you. About Jen McFarland, CEO, Women Conquer Business Jen McFarland ditched her comfy C-suite tech project management job in pursuit of freedom. Jen’s goal is to help business leaders like you vet ideas, take ownership of their projects, and incorporate digital marketing from day one. If growing your business feels like rocket science, let’s fix that with these free business resources. Business & Life Conversations Podcast with business consultant Angela Henderson from Angela Henderson References: The Authenticity ParadoxHow We're Often Transparent But Rarely VulnerableVulnerability, Authenticity, and Transparency: What Do These Words ACTUALLY MEAN?!Truth Will Out – Why Authenticity is the Key to Growing Your BusinessWhy Authenticity is Crucial for Business Success

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