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Three Simple, Powerful Ingredients to Achieve Your Goals

• 28 min

Consistency, impact, and impact. What if I told you achieving your business goals is within reach if you're mindful of three simple things? This value-packed episode helps you work toward your goals every day while creating the legacy you want most. If you'd like to learn the Crazy Simple Sweet Spot to Reach Your Goals download your copy today. Ready to dive in and work with Jen? Let's do this! Announcements Jen's recent appearance on the She Breaks Thru Podcast Podcoin Listen to podcasts and earn podcoins as you go. Download the app and use promo code BUSINESS to earn your first 300 podcoin! Apple app Android app About Jen McFarland, CEO Women Conquer Business Jen McFarland ditched her comfy C-suite tech project management job in pursuit of freedom. Jen's goal is to help business leaders like you vet ideas, take ownership of their projects, and incorporate digital marketing from day one. If business growth feels like rocket science, let's change that: www.jenmcfarland.com/free.

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